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8.8 decies novum iter itineris et recordatur que in Islandie Keflavik Airport viatores


Growing by an immense 28% in passenger numbers, Keflavik Airport welcomed 8.8 million passengers by the end of 2017. Seeing nearly two million more passengers than the year before, the Icelandic hub has witnessed balanced growth across O&D and connecting traffic, resulting in another record-breaking year for the gateway.

“It’s exhilarating to be part of the rapid growth we’re experiencing here at Keflavik and it’s showing no signs of slowing down,” enthuses Hlynur Sigurdsson, Commercial Director, Isavia. He adds: “To get a clear idea of how rapidly our airport is growing, just two years ago we welcomed 4.8 million passengers which means in 24 months we’ve nearly doubled our traffic. Forecasts are already suggesting we will not only hit the definitive 10 million passenger mark but significantly pass it this year.”

In 2017, a total of 107 destinations in 33 countries had a direct connection from Keflavik, operated by 32 airlines. Serving its furthest point Los Angeles (6,942 kilometres) 270 times during the year, its closest Vagar (803 kilometres) 43 times, Copenhagen was however the most frequently-served destination with around 1,750 flights throughout the year. The most heavily-used aircraft type at the airport in 2017 was the 757-200, followed by the A321. 

2018 new routes


Boosting its well-established strong route network, the airport is already scheduled to launch a further 14 links in the first half of 2018. With five of the new routes within Europe, the remaining will significantly increase Iceland’s links to North America, resulting in Keflavik being connected to 28 destinations on the continent.


Airline Destination initium frequency
Air wizz Poznan (new) March 31 Ter weekly
buy vilis LATRO caeli Detroit (new) April 25 Weekly quattuor tempora,
buy vilis LATRO caeli London Stanstede April 25 Cotidie
buy vilis LATRO caeli Cleveland (new) May 3 Weekly quattuor tempora,
Icelandair Dublin May 8 Six times weekly
buy vilis LATRO caeli Cincinnati (new) May 9 Weekly quattuor tempora,
Luxair Luxembourg (new) May 9 Septimanis
Icelandair Cleveland May 16 Weekly quattuor tempora,
buy vilis LATRO caeli St. Louis (new) May 17 Weekly quattuor tempora,
buy vilis LATRO caeli Dallas/Fort Worth (new) May 23 Ter weekly
united Airlines New York Newark May 23 Cotidie
Icelandair Dallas / Fort Worth May 30 Weekly quattuor tempora,
American Airlines Dallas / Fort Worth June 7 Cotidie
S7 Airlines Moscow Domodedovo (new) June 30 Septimanis




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