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  • Bloomwell Group accipit maximum semen funding semper in foro Europae cannabis

    The Bloomwell Group has successfully closed a seed funding round of over $10 million dollars-the highest publicly known seed investment for a European cannabis company to date. The lead investor is US growth capital provider Measure 8 Venture Partners, specialists in cannabis industry investments. Among other investors, business angel Dr. Reinhard Meier is investing again through his Venture Capital Investors fund; and Mr. Weber of FPS acted as legal advisor to Bloomwell.

    Concurrent with the announcement, the Bloomwell Group, which includes Algea Care, Europe’s leading telemedicine company for medical cannabis in terms of patient numbers, is repositioning itself as a holding company, allowing it to build, invest or acquire cannabis companies.

    “With Bloomwell, we are revolutionizing healthcare through digitalization and the potential of medical cannabis as well as other natural medicines. Our portfolio companies will radically focus on a consumer centric approach along the entire value chain of medical cannabis, with the exception of cultivation. The era of natural based medicine begins now and Bloomwell is taking the lead,” said Niklas Kouparanis, CEO & Co-Founder of Bloomwell Group. 

    Within a year, Bloomwell Group has grown to 160 employees, with projected revenues of five million euros in 2021. In addition to Niklas Kouparanis, CEO, entrepreneur and cannabis pioneer, the board is strengthened by telemedicine veteran Dr. Reinhard Meier, who as founder led Teleclinic to an exit, Co-Founder Samuel Menghistu and Boris Jordan, founding partner of Measure 8 Venture Partners. 

    The accomplished board covers facets in medicine, digitalization, cannabis, investment and brand building across various market sectors.

    • Dr. Reinhard Meier, Director of Radiology at Westpfalz Klinikum, previously founded and invested in several medical companies as well as initiating several VC funds.
    • Boris Jordan, With the $285M acquisition of EMMAC, Curaleaf is the first and only MSO to have a meaningful presence in Europe. Jordan is considered one of the most renowned cannabis experts in North America and has been responsible for the operations of Curaleaf, a global publicly traded cannabis company, as well as venture investments in the cannabis space via Measure 8 Ventures.
    • Niklas Kouparanis, a serial entrepreneur, and a pioneer in the Euopean medical cannabis industry.
    • Samuel Menghistu, spearheading the intersection of banking, investments, M&A Transactions and IPOs for over six years.

    “Many of the high expectations of both investors and global corporations within the European cannabis industry have not been fulfilled since the enactment of the ‘Cannabis Law’ in March 2017, even though the market has continued to grow steadily. With Bloomwell, we have shown within just one year how much can be achieved through entrepreneurial finesse. The nascent European cannabis industry is full of potential for Bloomwell’s future development. While the market is consolidating elsewhere, all signs point towards growth and expansion through the combination of cannabis, innovation, digitalization and a radical D2C or direct-to-patient approach,” said Anna-Sophia Kouparanis, Co-Founder of the Bloomwell Group.

    “Germany is the leading European market for medical cannabis and the Bloomwell Group has proven within one year that it can identify and scale innovative solutions in this new growth market for the benefit of patients. Cannabis has a bright future in Europe and we look forward to supporting and working with the Bloomwell Group as they continue to scale,” said Boris Jordan, Founding Partner of Measure 8 Venture Partners and Executive Chairman of Curaleaf.  

    “Digitalization is the key to finally putting patients at the center of an inefficient healthcare system. Algea Care, a portfolio company of Bloomwell, has already proven that it has the expertise and clout to improve the well-being and everyday life of thousands of patients in a highly regulated sector through medical cannabis and digitalization as well as an immensely high service standard,” said Dr. Reinhard Meier.

  • Novae cognitionis socialis suggestus per Diem emissus

    Diem, a new social media alternative, launches to create digital social spaces for women & non-binary folks to connect on common interest points, addressing the negative experiences they commonly encounter on incumbent social networks. Diem’s technology centers community connections and authentic knowledge sharing, moving away from the orchestrated, performative content that we’re conditioned to engage with on social media and in the direction of an equitable, personal experience where knowledge is the ultimate form of social currency.

    Diem has been in beta since January 2021 and amassed a waitlist of over 20,000 people. Ahead of its public roll out, Diem has carefully curated over 100+ “Founding Hosts” to share their own experiences and qualified insights with relevant, interest-based communities within the platform via synchronous & asynchronous formats. Folks in Diem will be able to discover Hosts from a range of backgrounds such as financial advisors, entrepreneurs and OBGYNs. Hosts also include a suite of leading creators, entrepreneurs and industry thought leaders including Kirsty Godso, Sabia Wade, Lauren Maillian, and Jaclyn Johnson, all of whom also join the company’s Advisory Board to shape the future alternative social platform that they want to engage in. Johnson shares, “I am thrilled to Host and invest in Diem, having built a women-centric business I understand the need for virtual communities for folks to connect with each other and experts in a space designed for them.”

    One of Diem’s core principles is to not build unnecessary and addictive technology, because the future of social media is not about amassing eyeballs via performative sharing. It’s about creating platforms with revenue models that also benefit the people contributing. In the future, Diem plans to innovate on the antiquated, two-dimensional technology of social networks and harness technology typically found in gaming and AR/VR to cultivate truly social, three-dimensional communities. 

    Maitree Mervana Parekh, Investor at Acrew, explains,”Community drives human belonging, and technology has shown its ability to be a powerful resource in fostering this. However, technology that prioritizes inclusivity and positivity has not been at the forefront. That’s why I’m excited about Diem. It’s pushing the limits of a “social network” and truly designing an immersive, social experience from the ground up that enables its members to connect, exchange knowledge, and thrive in an intentional and inclusive way.”

    We all know that social media is hugely influential to how we live, work and communicate with one another, and yet, today’s top platforms have all been designed by men. That often means that social media companies default to harmful and sexist policies, leaving less space for women and non-binary folks to exist in virtual worlds. Community expert, Abadesi Osunsade, states, “As a woman, dominant social media platforms have started to feel exploitative, encouraging us to be vulnerable in public spaces for the sake of engagement. Diem is about community and connection with no hidden agenda.”

    Diem is rolling out to the public throughout October 2021. The New York-based team is a Techstars NYC ’20 portfolio company, backed by $900,000 in pre-seed funding with participation from Xfactor Ventures, Acrew and leading angels such as Create & Cultivate founder, Jaclyn Johnson and Discord Executive, Amber Atherton.

  • SCHOLASTICUS gasoline-ad-propane conversionem kits permittit incidere gratuita, emissiones

    Clean power technology innovator ONYX Systems announced the availability of near zero emission propane conversion kits for John Deere Gator utility vehicles, benefiting operators with lower fuel costs, ultra-low emissions, and increased productivity.

    The EPA & CARB certified kits fit TX and HPX John Deere Gators manufactured after 2015 and are available for installation at participating John Deere dealers.

    “ONYX propane conversion kits and propane engine systems have provided hundreds of landscapers, colleges, parks, and municipalities a reliable and clean solution for their commercial mowers that reduces operating costs around $1.00 per operating hour per machine,” said Jeremy Hahne, VP of Sales at ONYX.

    “These same entities can now convert their Gator fleets to an environmentally friendly, lower cost, and more reliable fuel.”

    The kits are available for installation through participating dealers.

  • Perricone MD expandit Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy Collection

    Perricone MD, the brand that puts forth breakthrough, science-backed skincare solutions, announces its latest addition to their Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy Collection with the new Ultra-Smooth Clean Shave Cream.

    Unique to the collection, all products contain 99% pure Cannabidiol (CBD), sourced in the United States, as the featured key ingredient. CBD, known for its soothing benefits, helps revitalize and calm the most problematic and stressed skin.

    The Ultra-Smooth Clean Shave Cream features an ultra-rich texture that creates a slick surface for an incredibly comfortable and clean shave. The Cannabidiol works seamlessly with cannabis sativa seed oil and allantoin to hydrate and soften skin texture by deeply nourishing the skin for skin that is left looking smooth and soft with fewer nicks, bumps and micro-cuts. This sulfate-free formula is non-comedogenic, vegan, dermatologist-tested, and is recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation and its panel of experts.

    In late 2021, Perricone MD will further expand the collection with the launch of the Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy Ultra-Lightweight Calming SPF 35 Veil. This mineral-based sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays while calming and soothing the skin.

    “With the launch of the Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy Collection in 2020, we continue to be at the forefront of CBD innovation since our first launch with the ingredient in 2017.” says Robert Koerner, Perricone MD’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With the CBD skincare market continuing to grow at an incredibly rapid pace, we are excited to bring these two new offerings to the category, while maintaining our brand commitment that all formulas within this franchise be clean, gentle and effective.”

    The entire Perricone MD Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy Collection is recognized and approved by the National Psoriasis Foundation. With this addition, today’s full line of Perricone MD Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy Collection is recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation. “The National Psoriasis Foundation Seal of Recognition identifies products that have been created or are intended to be non-irritating and safe for people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis,” said Randy Beranek, President and CEO, National Psoriasis Foundation. “We are excited to finally have a shave cream recognized on our Seal Product Directory.”

    The results speak for themselves. In consumer testing, 97% of testers said it is non-irritating*, 94% said it prevents razor burn, nicks and micro-cuts*, and 92% said it allows for an ultra-close and comfortable shave*.

    *Based on a consumer study of 196 men and women after 1 day

  • USA Table Tennis and Blossom Hotel Houston Now Join Forces
    1. Flos Hotel Houston spectat offerre USA Tabulam Tennis histriones et fans hospitii hospitii luxuriosi et veri Houston usus.
    2. Intra spatium ambulandi in regione musei popularis est et shopping, cenae et hospitii destinationes circumdatur.
    3. Blossom Hotel Houston notissimum esse potest ob redditum communitati Houston.

    "Nos maxime excitatur ad receperint" Hotel Houston germinabunt in familiam USATT", dux Executivus Virginiae Cantus dixit. "Non solum deversorium pulchrum est, res publica-of-artis cum elementorum consilio attonitus, sed etiam coetus possessionis deditam operam ostendit ad circumstantias hominum in Houston communitate viventium emendandas. US National Team erit superbus uti Blossom logo in omnibus nostris eventibus officialibus.

    "Nostrum magnum decus est socium cum USA tabula Tennis et nostrum subsidium et recognitionem praebemus tremendos athletas in US National Tabula Tennis quadrigis" dixit Blossom Houston Hotel CEO, Charlie Wang. "Sicut Houston novissimum deversorium urbanum, expectamus ut USA tabulam Tennis histriones offerens et oblectamenta hospitalitatis experientiae luxuriosa et vera Houston".

    In media urbe Houston, in vicinia mundi celebre Texas Flores Hotel intra spatium ambulationis musei popularis regio est et shopping, cenae et hospitii circumfunditur. Houston cum agnomine Civitatis Spatii consentaneum, lineamenta lunares lineamenta minimalis designationis notas inspiravit. Cum 267 hospitibus luxuriae, facilitas luxuriae historiarum sexdecim plus quam 9000 pedes praebet spatium conventuum flexibilium et centrum congruentiae civitatis artis Peloton. Blossom occumbit cum stagno attonito patulo et lascivitis quae verrens opiniones de urbe Houston praebet.

    In primo exsistentia, Blossom Hotel Houston notissimum esse potest ob redditum communitati Houston. Praeter laboris incolas locales cum plusquam 150 operibus praebendis in summa pandemici, dominium Blossom etiam suas facultates et peritiam ad subveniendum indigentibus per recentem tempestatem hiemalem in Texas, ut dominus Charlie Wang's Constructio societatis certa damna per fistulas aquarum erumpentium per 120 familias locales.

    Blossom Hotel logo ostendetur in US National Tabula Team uniforms statim incipiendo.

  • Ford Motor Company honoribus BorgWarner cum excellentia Mundi Award

    BorgWarner, a global product leader delivering innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for the vehicle market, has been recognized as a top-performing global supplier at the 23rd annual Ford World Excellence Awards. BorgWarner was announced as a Create Must-Have Products winner today at Ford Motor Company’s virtual event.

    “We are honored to receive this World Excellence Award for the Battery Electric Vehicle Integrated Drive Module from our long-time customer Ford,” said Frédéric Lissalde, president and CEO, BorgWarner Inc. “This recognition reflects the hard work and dedication the BorgWarner team puts into ensuring our clean and efficient technologies are of the highest quality and meet the mobility needs of the present and future.

    “Ford Motor Company’s World Excellence Awards recognize our top-performing suppliers around the world for helping bring the Ford+ plan to life,” said Hau Thai-Tang, chief product platform and operations officer. “Suppliers like BorgWarner are key to Ford’s continued success as we leverage foundational strengths to build new capabilities and enrich customer experiences.”

    Honorees are recognized for achieving the highest levels of global excellence in categories including:

    • Primary brand pillar awards – Treat Customers Like Family, Turn Around Automotive Operations and Compete Like a Challenger, Create Must-Have Products
    • Diversity and inclusion awards for suppliers that excel in integrating diversity into their organization and business process
    • Sustainability awards for suppliers that improve the business environment
    • Gold and Silver Quality awards for supplier manufacturing sites demonstrating superior quality, delivery and cost performance throughout the year
  • Babylon signa novas conventiones ad 350k vitam globalem administrandam aliquibus, inter 250k valorem secundum curas vitas redactas

    Babylon today outlined its ongoing momentum, announcing a further c.135k lives will have access to its value-based care offering across the US and UK through its expansion to additional US states, Georgia and Mississippi, and further growth across California. This means that through a combination of its value-based care model, Babylon 360 and its work in primary care, Babylon will be managing c. 350k lives globally, including 105k NHS GP at Hand lives, by the start of 2022. Babylon reiterated 2021 and 2022 revenue guidance on September 15, 2021.

    “This expansion of our work will help Babylon further our aim of reaching communities where access and affordability are obstacles, in order to make health equity the norm,” said Babylon Founder & CEO Ali Parsa. “Our growth in value-based care further demonstrates the structural advantage of our digital-first model, which is scaling ahead of plan, all while maintaining high-quality healthcare.”

    Babylon will increase the number of Americans served through its value-based care program with the addition of 63k lives in Georgia and Mississippi, as at the contract date. This will be further supplemented by 17k lives in California at the beginning of 2022. This will mean these Medicaid and Medicare patients will be over time provided access to 24/7 primary care doctors and nurses, the ability to get personalized insights and support, and overall end to end care, with the aim of leading to better outcomes and lower costs over time.

    The recent U.S. expansion complements Babylon’s global growth, with over 55K lives added recently in the UK through its partnership with the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust on top of the 105k lives through its own NHS GP Practice, Babylon GP at Hand. The global expansion of Babylon 360 further establishes the organization as a leader in digital-first, value-based care, aligning with the company’s founding mission to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to every person on Earth. Babylon is re-engineering the way healthcare is delivered with a highly scalable model that aims to preserve people’s health, shifting away from the current fee-for-service model that focuses on sickness and crisis.

    The milestone of 350K lives covered around the world comes at an inflection point for Babylon, with its H1 2021 earnings report disclosing 472% year-on-year revenue growth, and a $4.2B SPAC merger with Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp. slated to close shortly. As a publicly-traded company, Babylon expects to be positioned to build on the traction it has already achieved and continue the momentum by rapidly scaling operations.

  • Automotive systems exhauriunt forum $ 68.45 Billion in sex annis perveniet

    The global automotive exhaust systems market size is expected to reach USD 68.45 billion by 2028, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. 

    Mercatus expectatur crescere ad CAGR de 6.2% ab 2021 ad 2028. 

    Stringent government regulations associated with vehicle emissions coupled with the increasing penetration of after-treatment devices are anticipated to drive the demand for automotive exhaust systems.

    Moreover, the increasing sales of passenger cars and commercial vehicles along with the growing demand for lightweight emission systems are expected to create significant opportunities for players operating across the value chain of the market.

  • MMXXII Honda Congue concurrite salsissimus vir vivens certatim in American Rally Association series

    A team of Honda engineers is taking the rugged new Honda Passport rally racing. Honda unveiled its 2022 Passport stage rally truck specially built for competition by the Honda Performance Development (HPD) Maxxis Rally racing team, highlighting the rugged capability and durability long engineered into Honda light trucks.

    Showcasing the 2022 Passport’s rugged new design, the rally truck made its racing debut at the Lake Superior Performance Rally (LSPR) in Michigan on Oct. 15 and 16. It will compete in the American Rally Association (ARA) series of closed-course rally events through the 2022 season in the Limited 4WD class.

    A key example of the Honda “Racing Spirit,” the HPD Maxxis Rally racing team is made up of Honda associates based at the company’s Ohio-based Auto Development Center. The team is a subsidiary of the larger Honda of America Racing Team (HART), which consists of associates from development and manufacturing facilities across North America.

    With modified street vehicles reaching speeds of well over 100 mph on natural-terrain closed courses that include gravel, dirt, mud and snow over routes covering hundreds of miles, the ARA National and Regional Championship series are intensely competitive. At the LSPR race, the Honda Passport rally truck was driven by Honda engineer Chris Sladek, a suspension test engineer based at the company’s Ohio-based North American Auto Development Center, and co-driven by Gabriel Nieves, a chassis design engineer based at the same facility.

    For maximum traction and performance, the Passport rally truck is fitted with BRAID Winrace T rally wheels (7.5″x17″) wrapped in either Maxxis’ stage rally-proven RAZR M/T or RAZR A/T tires (265/70-R17), depending on event conditions. Custom-fabricated 1/8″-inch thick aluminum oil pan and rear differential skid plates protect the underbody, as well as high-density polyethylene panels covering the fuel tank and other components. Carbotech XP12 brake pads and high-temperature racing brake fluid provide consistent braking performance in demanding rally environments.

    Incredibly, the Passport’s production 3.5-liter i-VTEC® V6, 9-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, intelligent Variable Torque Management (i-VTM4™) all-wheel drive system, and all suspension components are left unmodified for competition; the only addition is an automatic transmission fluid cooler from the Passport’s available tow package. The driver uses the transmission’s Sequential mode and paddle shifters for enhanced control, and the Passport’s Intelligent Traction Management system’s Sand Mode is utilized for optimal torque distribution and performance on loose surfaces.

    “The fact that we didn’t have to make any modifications to the 2022 Honda Passport’s drivetrain or suspension for such punishing terrain and competition speaks volumes to the capability and performance that comes standard in the Passport,” said Honda engineer and rally racer Chris Sladek.

    For additional safety, the interior of the Passport rally truck includes OMP racing seats with six-point competition harnesses, a safety roll cage, fire suppression system, rally computer and in-car communication system. To reduce weight, the rear seats, carpeting, sound insulation, and other interior trim pieces were removed, and the SUV’s side and rear window glass replaced with Lexan polycarbonate. A hydraulic handbrake handle enhances maneuverability through tight corners, while a modified exhaust produces a signature rally-inspired sound. Designed by HPD, the Passport’s exterior wrap graphics highlight the rugged and adventurous capability of the Honda Passport.

    “We’re ready to go racing with the rugged 2022 Honda Passport,” said Honda engineer and co-driver Gabriel Nieves. “It’s going to be a great season.”

    At the 2021 Lake Superior Performance Rally on Oct. 15 and 16, the team competed in the ARA East Regional series. The first day of the competition consisted of fast stages with flowing curves and ran late into the night, where the Passport’s auxiliary light bar was crucial in maintaining competitive speeds through the forest. The team consistently ran times among the top 10 out of 42 regional competitors, but a tire de-bead on stage 3 held the team back, causing them to finish more than 9 minutes later than expected for the stage.

    More technical, rough, and wet stages were in store for the second day, with the Passport performing well on its Maxxis RAZR M/T tires. The team consistently posted times among the top 15 regional competitors.

    The team finished 22nd out of 42 regional competitors, placing 4th out of 6 competitors in the Limited 4WD class.

    2021 LSPR is the third stage rally event in which the team has competed in a Honda Passport. During its first event—the 2019 Southern Ohio Forest Rally (SOFR), as part of the ARA East Regional series—the team placed 2nd in the Limited 4WD class and 12th overall out of 75 competitors.

  • Virgin Voyages Nunc navigantes ad Nassau et Bimini
    1. Crustula hebdomadaria oeconomiam localem positive incursum erit.
    2. Domina Scarlet navigationes septimanales ad Bimini et Nassau per septem menses proximos faciet incipiendo mense Octobri 2021 per Maium 2022 .
    3. Lecytho linea vaccinationes plenas requirit pro utroque hospite et baculo. Vectores etiam probabuntur pro Covid-XIX ante conscensis, a lecythus impensa tecta linea.

    Durante caerimoniis inaugurali Bimini, Prorex Primus Minister Cooper suam spem pro incremento oeconomico in hac nova societate considerans suam expressit. "Crustulae hebdomadariae" oeconomiam localem positive incursabunt, et hospites lecythus experientur omnia gaudia diei in parva insula tropica, luxuriantes in peristylio pulvere molli, harenae albae littus, in expeditionibus quae eas capiunt. magnum ludum piscandi, tribuo profundo maris, kayaking, et delphinis mutuo se habentibus" dixit Prorex Primus Minister Cooper.

    Director Generalis Gaudium Jibrilu Resonavit Deputati Primi Ministri Cooper in caerimonia inaugurali habita Nassau, "Virgin Voyages itinerariorum featurandi diem in Nassau et dies in Bimini permittet ut hospitibus tuis supra 2,700 gustum experiatur. Insularum Bahamensium conveniendi cum explorarent quidam Bahamenses" Premier historica situs et illecebrae ac penitus cum hominibus nostris hospitalibus fovendis."

    Adultis-tantum cruise navis vectores 2,770 (inclusive cantum) et 24 cibum et potum venues accommodat. Vas etiam notat varios eventus venues, varius fumus liberorum, cryptoporticus, centri spatium duplicatum et plus.

    Domina Scarlet navigationes septimanales ad Bimini et Nassau per proximos septem menses faciet, ineunte Octobre 2021 per Mai 2022. In observatione Covid-XIX protocolla et ad salutem obtinendam, lecythus linea vaccinationem plenam pro utroque hospitum et baculo requirit. Vectores etiam probabuntur pro Covid-XIX ante conscensis, a lecythus impensa cooperta linea. Protocolla salutis in tabula includunt sanitizationem, physicam distantiam, limitatam occupationem et exactionem locorum regiminis in unaquaque destinatione lineamenta.

    Pro maiori de Virginibus Voyages cruises, visita